Tuesday, October 29, 2013

blogging in the dark.

it's not dark yet, but it's getting there.

bob dylan said that.  kind of a cryptic message.  haunting, actually.  but it always gets dark.  everyday.  but the light eventually pierces the blackness.

and a new day dawns.

i started blogging just over 9 years ago.  my first post was the track listing to the new U2 record.  Bono called it "their most personal record." 

753 blog posts later, here we are.  a history.  a diary.  of free-expression.  of hope.  of creativity.  of art.  my art.  in words and pictures.

it's obvious to the few who may have frequented my blog that i have largely neglected it for some time.  not a post since May.  yeah, i have been blogging about discipleship over here and have some random music posts over here, and tweets here.  but fantastic distraction hasn't been such a distraction it once was.  to me or perhaps to you.

i have no regrets.  this is my life for 9 years, on digital paper.  i look back in kindness from time to time.  fond memories.  forgotten diatribes, expressionsand random musings.

it's not dark yet, but it's getting there.  i know.  prevalent neglect.

but the words remain.  they'll always remain... so long as there's electricity.  and energy.  and google.

and for that i am thankful.

and when the darkness comes and goes, a new day will dawn.  and perhaps more words will return.  i don't know - but the archive is here.  for me.  for you.  use it as you please.  or neglect it too.  it's o.k.  sometimes it wasn't about getting others to read the words i wrote - as if i was that important... it was about the expression of self.

i've just found new ways to express thy self.  so have many of you.

until the new day, good evening.

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troy. said...

Good words here, Tim. Kinda eerie in the sense that it tracks my own thoughts very closly.

I will say I find some of the "new" ways of expression (on these here internets) lacking in depth as compared to the blogging platform.

I have no regrets either. I look at some of my old posts and question whether I even wrote it (although knowing full well 'twas the Spirit in those and not me); but I do miss...

the deep times of reflection and questioning.

the labor involved in (almost) every. single. post.

the strong connection to God and others I felt during these times.

I want to make more time for deeper expressions - in the digital and the real.

I believe there is more light to come from Defy The Gray, albeit infrequent.

Until then...