Friday, May 15, 2009

complicated vs. simplified

Skate - Life is Complicated. Sport is Simple from howies on Vimeo.

humans. at least humans in the western world...
we tend to make things so chaotic and confusing and complicated.
we are busy. and for what? so we can make more money and buy more things and waste more time and sit on the couch in front of the television?

i say i want to be free from it all, but do i really? how much am i really willing to give up?
i'm too busy to think about that right now.

but there is a simple way that i secretly yearn for. you yearn for it to, i'd bet.

a few weeks back, my almost 4 year old daughter asked if i wanted to be a part of her 'Resting Club'. i asked her what they do in the 'Resting Club'.
her reply:
"play, read stories, make things, have a snack, rest, play some more, brush our teeth, go to bed."

sign me up.


something tells me God would delight in such behavior from mankind.


J2P said...

As a matter of fact, now that you mention it, that play, learn, create, eat, rest, repeat thing sounds like paradise, like Eden. Yeah, God would like that.

Anonymous said...

count me in.

troy. said...

Love, love, love when he jumps off his board, swings around the pole and lands back on the board.