Saturday, July 21, 2007

6:46pm - July, 21, 2007

A cool breeze.
A melancholy spirit.
Green grass with weeds a plenty.
White puffy clouds.
A sparrow makes music.
Shadows and tall trees.
A stillness abounds.
Children play.
Distant, muted sounds.
An iPod plays instrumental bliss in my left ear.*
The wind picks up.
A summer Saturday evening.
Blue sky overhead.
My 4 year old rides his bike.
Tiredness overcomes me.
Hide and seek across the street.
A cook-out near by.
Soaking it in.
Seeking grace, trusting instincts.
It's 6:46PM, July 21st, 2007.
And God is in this moment.

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Jen said...

way to keep it real