Friday, July 27, 2007

THE TEN: things googled this week

10. William Blake - Introduction to Songs of Experience (also: U2 - Beautiful Ghost / Introduction to Songs of Experience)
9. Pablo Escobar (and the fictitious film Medellin)
8. Kid Brothers of St. Frank (Rich Mullins tribute/info)
7. Northern Ireland
6. Definition of Sanctity
5. Yuri Gagarin (Russian Cosmonaut - 1st man in space) (also: featured in lyric in the song Mercury by The Prayer Chain - from the landmark album of the same title... a must have for any and all music guru)
4. Map of New York City
3. The History of the Relocation of Professional Sports Teams
2. Psalm 137 (read it all... don't skim over it)
1. Facebook (my new obsession?)

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