Wednesday, May 16, 2007

a fresh rain fell today

a fresh rain fell today
after 10 days of sun.
it was cool and refreshing.

the birds of the air,
they are making music
showing appreciation
and giving thanks for the bath and the drink.

nature has its purpose.
perfect symmetry.
it gives. it takes. it provides. it needs.
can this be random?

God is in the falling rain.
He is in the songs of praise
from the nesting birds.

He is the symmetry.
the synergy.
the energy.
the supremacy.

he is the beauty of Monet
and the lyrics of Bono.
He speaks through:
the silver screen,
the small screen,
the LCD screen.
the iPod and the FM dial.

He is the joy of children
laughing; the peace of
a quiet stream. the
patience of a grandmother;
the gentleness of a summer breeze.

most of all He is love.
a personified love that is
known within the hearts
of all mankind... rejected and accepted.

His love is His creation.
His creation is us.

A fresh rain fell today
and i experienced God.


troy. said...

This is great perspective for me. I tend to associate rain with the tears of God. And while that still holds true for me, I now also see the clensing and refreshing aspects of His rain.

All by His grace.

Jen said...

It did feel very cleansing didn't it? Everything was instantly greener and while it also brought cooler temps, it was refreshing.

Anonymous said...

New Rush is good! It is playing now and I am picturing you playing air drums.