Wednesday, December 17, 2008

of text and notes and video tidings

random thoughts:
as christmas time appraoches i thought i'd share some random thoughts... sort of like a gift to the blogging world (as if the blogging world has been waiting with baited breath...)

_below, i hope you'll enjoy the letters that santa wrote to my children as much as they did. it was quite a special treat for them!

(letters from Santa to my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter)

_check out Troy post over at Defy the Grey... have we seen it all or is there more beyond z? go there... post a comment... discuss it...

_i've been keeping track of some random information... mostly stats regarding my movie watching habits or 2008. for the past 3 or 4 years, i've kept a movie log of all films watched... with source (HBO, Netflix, DVD, Cable TV, Theatre), description and a rating (scale of 0 to 5). i started doing this for a few reasons... i wanted to see if having HBO was worth it and then, in 2008, when i recieved a Netfix gift subscription, i wanted to see how much we used it, again, to see if it was worth it.

you can go to DAYTUM to track our viewing habits and whatnot. so far this year, we've watched 148 movies. (linked in sidebar as well)

DAYTUM is in beta testing stage... but you can request to be a part. you can list anything you want on DAYTUM... it's just a place to list or keep track of things. i'm a stat freak, so i kind of like it a lot.

_(RED)wire seems like a cool new thing. what is (red)wire? it's a weekly, digital, online music magazine. you can subscribe to it for $5 a month - with 1/2 of money going directly to provide medicine to AIDS victims in Africa. Right now, you can sign up and get 2 months free (without having to give a credit card). i downloaded it today and it seems pretty cool. it has music & video & exclusives from Coldplay, U2, Jay-Z, etc. it's all DRM-free, too and soon you will be able to download videos in audio form to play in iTunes.

U2 is on board - and from what i read on their website - they've performed this really great Christmas track for (red)wire... watch it below:

(i believe in father christmas as performed by U2)
watch it HERE or see that and other U2 videos HERE, too.

_in other U2 news has an update on the new album... after reading i am geeked. go HERE to read... and check out the rest of the interview at MOJO.

according to Edge: 'It doesn’t sound like anything we’ve done before and it doesn’t really sound like anything that’s happening at the moment...'

the new album has a working title of No Line on the Horizon. Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois have been more involved in this record, even helping with some of the writing.

if the new album sounds anything like the christmas song posted above - then we are all in for a new, fresh treat.

_lastly, with Christmas time here... go over to rejesus and check out some of their Christmas related posts, games and whatnot.


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