Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i wasted 45 minutes trying to get my printer to print.

it reminded me of two things.
1. i hate pc.
2. time is precious. and i seem to waste a lot of it. it brought on some soul searching.

who knew a printer could bring on such reflection.

by the way, my printer still wont print.


troy. said...

My printer(s) have brought on a lot of things in the past, unfortunately none of them were soul searching. Mainly just a bunch of stuff I wouldn't ever say in front of my nieces (or anyone else for that matter)!

I always find too that they never fail to break down just before a big meeting when you're trying to print your notes or printing address labels for your wedding invites.

Tim said...

haha. well it appears mine just broke after purchasing new ink... and we all know how much ink costs these days...