Friday, August 28, 2009

sitting on the back porch on a rainy day, thinking about grace.

the other day it rained. after the rain, came the mist and that smell. you know, that smell that comes after it rains? it's a musty and yet fresh smell.

there i was... sitting on the back porch. letting it all sink in.

thinking about how grace comes down - under pressure from the clouds - and rains upon us... when we are hot... and in need of a cooldown. grace comes when we need it.

like the gentle summer rains that come in the late afternoon - leaving behind a stillness. a beauty. a sound and a smell.

birds slowly come out from hiding. making music that compliments the stillness. drips of water slowly come down, one at a time, off of every tree branch and leaf. falling to the ground. so that the saturated earth can regenerate itself... regenerate life.

and grace falls down and re saturates our state of being, regenerating life along the way, if we let it.

grace abounds. and covers me. whether i think i need it or not. i don't deserve the rain. but it comes anyway. i don't deserve my thirst to be quenched. but quenched, i am.

grace like rain. capture the moment.

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