Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Review: Story Signs and Sacred Rhythms

Story, Signs, and Sacred RhythmsStory, Signs, and Sacred Rhythms by Chris Folmsbee

this is a nice book that equipped me to help explain the story arc of the Scriptures... the story of God is something i feel most students do not connect with. it appears to be difficult for many to connect their story with God's story.

Folmsbee tackles this issue with this book. i have been drawn to 'story' and have tried to help my students connect with theirs and God's... but often i've wondered if they really are getting it.

i don't know that what i read was anything new - but Chris Folmsbee does do a good job connecting the dots, so to speak... connecting the God story and the Gospel story with Our story. he also gives guidance for any youth leader who may be courageous enough to use 'story' as a backdrop of teaching students about God and themselves.

this book takes the reader from Revelation to Foundation to Implication to Integration and finally to Application.

the most practical part of the book was his overview of the Story of God - from creation thru restoration. that was refreshing and simple.

After reading, i have some things to think about and digest.

This book fits with where i think God has been calling me in leadership and discipleship of students.

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