Friday, November 24, 2006

black friday

never again. well, at least not until next year.

so i decided to venture out into the crisp, fogging morning air to wait in line for the new Nintendo Wii gaming system.

i arrived @ Best Buy first but the line was at least a quarter of a mile long... i'd guess maybe 4 or 5,000 people waiting... oh and it was 3:45 am... so from there i went across the parking lot to an EB Games store. i was # 14 in line but the word from a friend of an employee was that only 9 were available. from there i drove over to the Target/Kohl's complex to a Game Stop. I was 12th in line there. Word was there were 20 available here, so i was feeling pretty good. i waited outside in 20 degree temperatures until 6:15 when a Game Stop employee showed up. He came out and told us that only 5 were available. but hey, my time wasn't a total waste. i got to here all about the guy beside me and how he met his wife online and moved here from California. he once waited in line all night for AC/DC Back in Black concert tickets in 1980.

shame on me for buying into the mindset of American consumerism. pun inteneded.

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