Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Factors of the Seven: Answering the Call

Tomorrow marks Seven years. It's an anniversary of sorts of the day in which I followed the leading of Christ - past opportunites and doors opened by some, later closed by me and eventually towards a rare chance at a career changed pre-ordained by God. On November 15th, 1999 I was interviewed and hired on the spot as Director of Youth Ministries at Christ UMC.

The story actually can be traced back a few months prior. I pastor friend of mine - a man whom I truly trusted, had continually prodded me and joked with me about when the time was going to be right for me to enter the ministry. It was in August of that year when Pastor Mike asked me to take the job of Youth Director at his church. I prayerfully considered it... but eventually turned it down. It just didn't feel right. During the months after that, another pastor friend of mine (my former Youth Pastor, Bubba) had shared with me a few words of wisdom and guidance. Little did i even realize that God was speaking to me through them - preparing the way for a calling that was building within my heart.

It was through those two men and through other doors that opened that I finally stepped on through with faith in my heart and answered the call. Seven years have now come and gone and I am still in awe at how God has used me, is using me and will use me in the time to come.

Seven years have come and gone. Where will he lead me next? I have a genuine passion for youth ministry. I am always anticipating the journey that lies ahead. Thank you Jesus.

Seven strong.

And i can still hear the last words that my grandfather ever shared with me, just over 10 years ago - in August of '96... He asked me, with tears in his eyes "Tim, when are you going to enter the ministry?" He knew something. It may have taken me 3 years after that conversation to figure it out for myself, but my way was being prepared. The path was being made known to me. I strive to continue to walk the straight and narrow for narrow is the path that leads to righteousness.


Jen said...

cool thoughts. of course ministry has been hard- with ups and downs- but i am happy to be sharing it with you.

Bryan said...

It is obvious that the calling you received to serve was/is real. Keep up the good work. You´re about as good as it gets when it comes to youth leaders . . . fun and a bit crazy but also a great teacher.