Saturday, February 17, 2007

orange lament {a.k.a. mourning the loss of a sweet friend}

apparently adults can develop food allergies later in life. at least that is what James Li says.

yesterday morning i indulged in my usual breakfast... which of course is no breakfast. but i did happen to grab a clementine or two from the fridge - to be eaten at my convenience. at my convenience - i indulged... immediately after downing two oranges - i was forced to eat a muffin from Dunkin Donuts. our secretary brought in a gun and held it to my head and made me eat a coffee cake muffin... which tasted strangely like a donut. they must fry the muffins in the same oil as the donuts.

immediately after eating, my mouth began to feel funny. the best way i could describe it is sort of a hybrid between the feeling of a sore throat - only in my mouth mixed with a strange itchy sensation with the added feeling that i had just eaten a bunch of Red Hots. I had not, in fact eaten any red hots.

deductive reasoning told me that there must have been something in the muffin that was causing such duress. the itching subsided after oh, about ten hours... or less... i lost track. it did, eventually go away.

today, for lunch i had some left over Papa Johns pizza. i gave my daughter a Clementine orange as part of her lunch. she ate half... so i, being the good father that i am - ate the other half. almost immediately i felt that same feeling as the day before.

"Ah ha!" i exclaimed! "it's gotta be the orange!"

so it appears that i am now allergic to oranges... or is it clementines? i may never know. i shall be too afraid to ever eat anything related to the lovely, delicious orange. parting is such sweet sorrow. i now know what Romeo must have felt when fair maiden Juliet was forbidden to be with him. i could take some Benadryl - but the last time i did that i was found nearly unconscious in a tent for the betterment of a day... missing out on the fun and sun and music of the Ichthus music festival.

what is the lesson learned? Don't Do Drugs.

spiritual lesson learned? Sometimes tasty, pretty things can kill you. (or at make your mouth itch)

I blame Adam.


Krista said...

You know, I was at that Ichthus when you took Benadryl - and, let me tell you, it was hysterical ... don't worry, I won't do drugs ... and, I'm not allergic to oranges - well, so far, at least ... and I blame Adam, too :)

Anonymous said...

could it be whatever they spray the oranges with? Sometimes that could cause trouble. I wouldn't want to eat it again either, remember sometimes the more you eat something to worse the reaction will be with each time.
benadryl seems to have the same effect on me as well!