Tuesday, January 15, 2008

writers strike

so were almost 3 months in to this Writers Strike... most of the TV shows we love to watch are nearing the end of new programs... some shows have been shelved until further notice (i.e. 24). others, like Lost are set to premiere soon (but it may be a limited run of new shows - as of right now - only 8 of the originally planned 16 episodes of Lost are 'in the can' or complete).

the strike might just mess up TV viewing for a long time. maybe more people will just turn their TV's off. heck - i actually read my first novel that wasn't required reading. maybe more people will do that as well.

the latest news seems to say that this strike could affect TV shows next season as well.

greedy Hollywood TV execs seem to think that the viewing public will watch anything they put on the air... here's hoping that doesn't ring true. although i did notice myself watching Celebrity Apprentice last week... shame on me.

so here's a challenge for us all; turn off network tv... don't watch it... read a book. watch a dvd... spend time with your family... go to WalMart and buy prepaid phone cards... whatever.

cuz this strike seems like it'll be around for a long while.

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