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For my birthday this year, my wife got me tickets to last nite's Explosions in the Sky concert in Cleveland. the tickets were supposed to be a surprise - but somehow i found out... i always do.

LIVE: APRIL 3, 2008

If you don't know anything about Explosions in the Sky - they are a progressive rock/post rock band from Austin, TX. There is no lead vocalist... as a matter of fact they don't have any vocals at all. The music doesn't need a voice - as they have a canny ability to make their instruments 'sing'. It was a really great show in every way. Such power. such emotion.

the opening act was a bit much. I appreciated what Lichens was doing as he layered sounds from his guitar, his mouth and various other instruments to create a full sound - but it was a little monotonous. He played one song for 25 minutes... the crowd erupted in cheers when he finidshed... probably more in appreciation for what was to come next.

EITS took the stage at 10:02pm... after wishing a friend a happy birthday, Munaf kicked off the show with the traditional opening: "We're Explosions in the Sky and we're from Texas."

With that - they began the show with various noises emitted from guitar feedback. The set list was as follows:

Catastrophe and the Cure
With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, tired Souls, We Slept
The Birth and Death of the City
Your Hand in Mine
Greet Death

Magic Hours
The Only Moment We Were Alone

With the exception of the underage kid who couldn't handle his liquor (that he somehow got his hands on) it was a fabulous show. My wife graciously attended the show with me - with a little protest. Her only requests: chairs to sit in, Starbucks on the way home and that EITS play her one and only favorite song of theirs: Your Hand in Mine.

We reached 1 of her 3 requests. They did play Your Hand in Mine (that song was featured predominantly in the movie Friday Night Lights)

The setlist was amazing. The songs meshed well together. It was nothing short of bliss, as far as i was concerned. We ran into an acquaintance after the show in the lobby. I asked him his thoughts. He said he felt like he just got hit by a bus. it was that powerful.

of course - i am a huge fanboy of EITS - among other bands (U2, Radiohead, Celine Dion... j/k). I've got the EITS t-shirt to prove it now. So my bias for is certainly prevalent.

My hearing in my right ear is finally starting to return to form. there were parts of the show that fully rocked. hard. and honestly, i think i saw the face of God during The Only Moment...
it was a brilliant close to a stellar concert.

after the show we walked down the street in what is probably not a good and/or safe part of
Cleveland to a music shop called Music Saves. It was retro - as was the Vintage Shop in the basement of the Beachland Ballroom. I was tempted to walk out of both stores with an armful of vinyl - but couldn't justify it until i have space to set up my turntable.

it was a great evening with great music and i am thankful that my wife thought that much of me to not only surprise me with tickets but to attend the show as well. We had a good time and i think she enjoyed their music more than she'll admit - save the feedback and occasional gut-wrenching, heart-stopping noise.

for more info on Explosions in the Sky:
tour history

EITS is:
Mark Smith = Guitar
Michael James = Bass + Guitar
Munaf Rayani = Guitar
Christopher Hrasky = Drums

"These four musicians came together in 1999 to form one of the greatest instrumental rock bands in modern history. Their music has been described as passionate, romantic, loud, melodic, powerful, tragic, and beautiful. Austin, Texas is home to many great artists but few of them stir emotions better than Explosions In The Sky!"

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