Saturday, July 26, 2008

most beautiful week

i am on the tail end of a 'week off'. it was a vacation week for me, although i did not go anyplace - save the back yard. well there were a few get aways to local parks and what not. and we hit Starbucks a few times. it was a good week, despite chronic back pain that seemed to plague me most of the week.

i took the week off for a few reasons. 1: my wife was recently hired as the childrens ministry coordinator at our church - so it allowed her to get some things organized and what not while i was home with the kids. 2. our niece Harper was staying with us - as my sister was on a mission trip to Guatemala.

i read a lot - mostly from the book Growing Souls by Mark Yaconelli.
i journaled a lot. drawings and musings filled the pages.
i sat in the back yard a lot while the kids played.
i enjoyed the sun, the cool breezes and on occasion the refreshment of water - as we went swimming on three separate occasions.

it was beautiful weather all week - mid 70's... we even saw a couple of rainbows on the one evening where we were graced with rain.

we went and saw WALL-E, which was surprisingly good and we went to Tuscora Park - which was a highlight.

i am most thankful for this beautiful week.

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