Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Maker Moment #42

God is all around us... revealing himself to us... are our eyes open enough to see Him?

'We sing "Great is thy faithfulness, O Lord. Your mercies are new every morning." Every day God shows us grace and favor, but we're too busy to spot it.' - Michael Frost (from the book Seeing God in the Ordinary

i read this while sitting in our postage-stamp sized backyard last evening. the sun was preparing to set. the kids were playing joyfully. a gentle breeze kept me cool. and God came near.

i stopped. got the camera and captured the moment... so that i would not forget.

God is all around us - making a pass at us - trying to get out attention.
are you OPEN?


i will strive to post more Maker Moments from here on out.

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