Tuesday, January 06, 2009

the randomness of whatnot and so on and so forth

the blog template update didn't go exactly as planned - but i'm sticking with it for now. i wanted the banner to be at the top of the page and to stretch across the page, but blogger wasn't cooperating... and i grew tired of trying to fix it.

i am compelled to blog more this year... well maybe not blog more - but blog about more things that matter to life. i want to share in conversations... about faith... about life... about what it means to be a follower of Jesus in this day and age.

i am sitting here watching Adaptation. frankly it is not ending like i thought... or hoped even... i guess. i had heard so much about it and now... it's sort of been tainted by what i would call it's own foolishness. to be fair - it hasn't ended yet. maybe some crazy twist will change my perception.

i've got 9 more bucks in my iTunes account... it's almost hard to give it up... with those last purchases, i want them to be right.

everyone is Twitting. not sure if that is another path i'll go down. not sure if i'm that important. it's hard to keep track of so many social networks on the net. here is an article about aligning lifestreams.

i watched 160+ moveis in 2008. here's to more blessed movie watching experiences in 2009.

peace and love and i'm out.

post script: Adaptation is now over. meh.


troy. said...

New look is nice and clean. And I really like the banner. Sorry the formating didn't work out. I have no tricks or fixes to offer. I tried WordPress for another blog and ended up switching it over to Blogger. I just don't have the time, energy or desire to learn all there is to know about whatever it is you need to know about to tweek and customize a template. I find one that I like and try to work within it the best I can.

I share your desire about the blogging community. It's something I think about alot. I just don't have any answers.

Adaptation...never saw it. And now prob. never will.

You're giving up iTunes?? I must have missed that...

Did you say knitting...nice scarf. Oh...twitting...got it. Def. not for me. I'll have to check out that article.

Movies...just saw Bedtime Stories and I really came away from that one w/ a big smile on my face and a sense of renewed life inside. That may sound a little dramatic for an Adam Sandler movie, but's its the honest truth.

Tim said...

not giving up iTunes... just not sure how to spend my last $9.09

must choose wisely... don't want to buy a 'dud' album.

thanks for the introduction to Alias by the way... loved Crosswalks... although it's absent from the album... album is still good.

oh, i got my header where i wanted it... and agree about wordpress... much to learn with that... who has the time?