Friday, October 16, 2009

Drops Like Stars review

Drops Like Stars: A Few Thoughts on Creativity and Suffering Drops Like Stars: A Few Thoughts on Creativity and Suffering by Rob Bell

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Drops like Stars is not like many books on anyone's bookshelf. as a matter of fact - it's dimensions make it difficult to literally fit on my bookshelf. it's more of a coffee table type book.
filled with creative art and stunning photography with words sprinkled throughout, Drops Like Stars is author Rob Bell's attempt to connect creativity and suffering.

in fact, the tag line says that: A Few Thoughts on Creativity and Suffering.

that's just what it is... a few thoughts... stories... anecdotes... and what not that attempts (mildly successfully) to show the connection between man and God during difficult times and how that suffering can bring about a new perspective. the ability to see things that are often missed... those God moments, i'd call them.

in the end - we all suffer. and it is going to shape us.

as he writes: we'll be bitter or better...closed or open... more ignorant or more aware. etc.

in the midst of it all, Bell reminds us of how God connects through us - through our suffering - because his son suffered once and for all, so that we may live... a life to the full.

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