Tuesday, November 17, 2009

introducing: Creative Kerygma

i've been making videos for a while now. i've dabbled in making worship-related videos over the last few years as well. so i thought it was about time to start sharing my creations with others.

we recently started a new alternative worship service called Kaleidoscope. the idea behind the name is 'broken pieces made beautiful.' when you look through a k-scope, you'll see fragmented glass or plastic - that when turned and pointed towards the light, something beautiful is created and formed. it's kind of the same way with man and God: when our fragmented, broken selves meet the light of Christ, something beautiful is formed.

Kaleidoscope is a multi-sensory worship encounter - aimed at providing opportunities for people to connect with God in new and fresh ways.

K-scope will become a monthly alternative worship setting starting in January.

We've had two test runs. This last one had the theme: Satisfied? for that one, i created a short film that resembles a Rob Bell-Nooma video. i will admit, his style was an inspiration - but we wanted to do something original.

So now - i aim to make, on a regular basis, more worship related films under the name Creative Kerygma. Kerygma is greek for 'Proclamation.' These films are meant to be a creative proclamation of the Gospel, in some way, shape or form.

here are the first two Creative Kerygma short films. Sheep and Shepherd. Shepherd is adapted from Sheep - if you watch them both, you'll understand.

enjoy. leave feedback or use 'em in your worship. if you use them, let me know how you used them. Thanks!

sheep from Tim Beck on Vimeo.

shepherd (psalm 23) from Tim Beck on Vimeo.

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