Friday, July 16, 2010

What are you passionate about?

as part of my summer Sabbatical i am reading a number of books dealing with youth ministry and the like. one of the books i am currently reading is Practicing Passion written by Kendra Creasy Dean.
While reading, i was compelled to ask some youth i know the following question:

What are youth passionate about?

Here is there reply. you'll see some common themes.

~love? we all seem to be chasing after it

~Hanging out with friendsss... Forr suree.

~trying to fit in. thats definitely a big one i think.

~For me it's making a difference in the world.

~Having fun! without fun, you're not a true teenager.

~Figuring out what we want to do with our lives


~i get passionate about things i hold close to me getting hurt i show real passion in the protection of these things

~I am passion about my family.I have a huge family that cares about me and loves me for who I am.

~Defining who we are and what we're about.

~Figuring out who we are and what we stand for!

~We are passionate about finding ourselves, loving ourselves and loving others.

~I think it's a lot about fixing ourselves. As strange as that sounds, people just want to feel whole. And as teenagers, we're constantly trying to fill our lives with... pretty much anything and everything... to figure out how to be complete.

~I think teens in general just want to stand out in their own way yet fit in with others and just have fun in a good way. I think that everyone is just passionate about finding themselves and who they really are and what they want their lives to look like and how to make it happen if, that makes sense?

~love. Being loved, loving others, loving God.

~teens want to stand out and fit in. They want to love and know that someone loves them back. They [well i] want to make a difference in the world or just where they [i] live.


what themes are presented?
love/being loved. finding one's identity . to stand out (originality) and fit in (conformity). completeness. acceptance. making a difference. having fun.

when you look at the list - in some respects it's not much different than 'adult' passions.

but what is at the heart of their comments:

to be made whole. to be complete. as one of them wrote: we're constantly trying to fill our lives with... pretty much anything and everything... to figure out how to be complete.

all of the passions listed are things they 'want'.
want to be loved. want to fit in. want to stand out. want to love others. want to make a difference. want to have fun.

these students, it appears, feel that if these wants are achieved - then they will be… satisfied.

where does that root of satisfaction come from? i suggest it comes only from a deep connection with our Maker… with God. this can and will happen through Christ alone.

it is because of Christ's passion for all humanity (including teenagers) that we can find fulfillment through our passionate connection with Him.

but all to many teens (and adults alike) perhaps 'settle' and fill their emptiness… their holes with faux-passions that lead to deeper emptiness.

But mankind - at the heart of it all - is a lover and a dreamer. we (generally) believe (and hope?) that the next thing just might bring us satisfaction. we are hopeful people. that is why we are willing to give love and longing and searching multiple chances.

we want satisfaction. we are hard-wired to need it.

will man seek the One who can provide us with Hope Eternal? will teens discover the passion of Jesus is worth living and dying for? will youth take the necessary steps to find passionate satisfaction?

what are you most passionate about?

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