Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Book Review: Exercising Your Soul

Exercising Your SoulExercising Your Soul by Gary Jansen

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Exercising Your Soul was just what i needed. i purposefully took my time with this book - as i did not want to miss a thing... it seemed my slow pace was just what i needed in order for the words and meditations to fully sink in.

Gary Jansen paints with words and the canvas of pages seemed to be a landscape of practical ways for me to connect with God in new, contemplative and fresh ways. he provided for me a much needed opportunity to experience the freshness of the Holy scriptures.

his stories and anecdotes resonated with my soul, with simple prayer practices that might take 15 minutes a day.

the best thing about this book is its simple approach. Part IV: Exercising with the Parables was particularly enlightening. There is a richness found within this book that i am certain will draw me back to it, when i am in need of a fresh encounter with God and the Spirit.

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