Wednesday, October 03, 2012

next steps

as part of my new role as director of discipleship at wadsworth united methodist church i've create a discipleship blog, titled NEXT STEPS.  it is my goal to share short, simple inspiring and empowering words, videos, images and quotes to help disciples of Christ navigate their faith journey throughout the week.  check it out:

i hope to keep blogging here at fantastic distraction - it's something i've been doing for 8 years now.  i took a bit of a hiatus this past summer - but i'll hopeful and confident i will get back at it.

i have to be honest, i'm still striving to find my rhythm here in the midst of new surroundings.  it's taken perhaps longer than expected.  i've not blogged as much, read as much, ran as much... but it's been busy (not that that is anything to brag about.)  so i aim to establish new rhythms here in the near future.  God is revealing things to me and my family, this i know... but in the midst of all things new, i'm slowing navigating my own new journey of faith, and slowly discovering new forms of expression.

a challenge, no doubt, but a welcomed one at that.  God has given us all purpose and vision.  i know a destination is in front of me - at this point, the journey is the destination.

next steps. one foot in front of the other...

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