Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Finishing a Book

if you knew me, really knew me, you'd know that me and books don't get along. the books just tend to stare right up at me, mocking me all the while i attempt to read them. books are bountiful in my office and they have found refuge and comfort on my shelves. i have many. not many of them really know me though nor do i know them.

i don't mind reading actually. i am a slow reader but no harm there. my sister is a fast reader. She would often read through a the latest Stephen King novel in one night.

i generally enjoy reading autobiographies. i remember enjoying reading Iron Horse, the autobiography of Lou Gehrig. i've read stuff about the old west, too. After the popularity of the movie Tombstone i was compelled to read a few books about Wyatt Earp. One of my favorite books that i've read was a book about Rich Mullins (An Arrow Pointing Towards Heaven). it took me almost two years to read it.

i have read other books since then, mostly books realated to youth ministry and the like.

i set a goal this FEB. to read some books. i used some of my birthday money to buy Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger and The Autobiography of Johnny Cash.

in the mean time i had purchased a book called Practitioners - voices from within the Emerging Church

well last week a monumental thing happened for me: I finished the Practitioners book (in less than a month) and i finished Friday Night Lights. i plan on blogging more about said books. but for the moment i just want to rejoice.

there is nothing like that feeling of finishing a book. it is a grand acomplishment... something that should be rewarded in some way. if i were an elementary school child, my teacher would be giving me a gift certificate to Pizza Hut or something.

i guess you know when you've finished a good book... when that book leaves you wanting more...

i am full right now... and thankful for books.

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Jen said...

good job T. I need to read too.