Friday, May 19, 2006

le arte de finale season

It's May... Particularly the 3rd week of may - which means it's Season Finale time... so far similar patterns perfected in years of yore have played out before us. Cliffhangers involving shootouts, runs from the law, terrorist plots and love triangles are there for the viewing... spoon fed to us as if we were stricken ill with no ability to feed ourselves.

none the less, I love may sweeps. A simple look to the left side of this blog and you'll see my unashamed love for all things television. Again, I've said this before I feel it to be my right to love and adore TV... as I have a degree in Broadcast Communications. So that's my excuse.

in the past week, Aras has won Survivor, T-bag got his hand chopped off in Prison Break as the escaped convicts made the run away from John Law, and a shootout in the ER left us hanging... waiting until September to find out the truth that lies beyond and beneath.

Next week, finales of 24 & Lost will be sure to entertain. Answers to questions promised, of course...

The New York Times has an article dealing with this very topic... It's a good read... give it your time.

Before I close - I must say - the finale of ER last night has stuck with me. [summary here]
This season probably hasn't been ER's best... and I've seen every episode of every season... but there were some episodes that were above par - making it still worth my time. Last nights finale was one of the best in a long while. It concluded with a dramatic climax involving a shootout, convicts on the run, a doctor held hostage and another pregnant doctor who may or may not loose the baby. Yeah - sounds far fetched... (my father in law's reasons for not watching, by the way) but it worked. Episode 267 ended as Snow Patrol's Open Your Eyes played... an amazing song that builds and builds until an epic sonic climax, and a deeply affecting cut to the heart. It was a great conclusion to a great episode... and now I can't stop listening to the song...

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Jen said...

i hate season finales for the very reason- we are left hanging :(