Sunday, May 21, 2006

THE TEN: 200th Post

10. My 3 yr. old's new favorite song is Coldplay's Politik
9. My Laser Quest rank for tonite (out of 32 players): 13th, 2nd, 3rd
8. Iniviting people over to the house makes for a good excuse to get the house cleaned.
7. If I had my druthers I'd wear shorts and sandles every day from here until Labor Day.
6. My wife is a good photographer... mostly self taught. I love it - 'cuz I'm a big fan of creative expression.
5. Running is second to walking with the family. I've been trying to run 3 times a week... only about a mile and a 1/4th each time... but it's something... but walks with the fam, with Micah pulling Addison in the wagon... that is priceless.
4. iPod's are neat and fun and addicting and fun and joyful and the best thing since bread sliced.
3. Spring rain isn't all that bad... it makes you appreciate the sunny days all the more.
2. If i were a machine, i would like to be a printing press... or a Wal Mart... because you never know what'll come through the doors at a Wal Mart - which would make for an exciting life as a machine. It'd be fresh anyway.
1. 200 is a nice round number. if there were no numbers and words had to have double meaning (word meaning and number meaning) the word Zoo would be the equivilant of the number 200. 1 would be an "l" while 3 would be an E. the real tragedy would be that the number 8 would have to be a colon surrounded by parenthesis (:)

i have a unique ability to be random.

enjoy String Cheese.

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Jen said...

it was all good until number 2 LOL
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