Wednesday, July 26, 2006

THE 10: things to do before your number is up

10. Travel on old Route 66, stopping along the way to photograph your journey.
9. Go to an old movie house / Palace-type theatre. (you know, the one's with a pipe organ, a 'moving' starry ceiling and lots of gargoyles). Take in a foreign film there.
8. Own at least one Beatles album or CD.
7. Buy a record player. Go to a used record store. Raid the 10 cent bin. Spend at least one Saturday morning chilling out, listening to your finds.
6. Stay up all nite driving around... with no destination in mind.
5. Create something. Build it. Draw it. Paint it. Write it. Make it... whatever... just create... be creative (that's part of your DNA, you know). Express yourself through your own creativity.
4. Read through the Bible.
3. Listen to Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. Embrace the genius of Brian Wilson.
2. Spend 24 hours in total silence. Journal every thought that ye are able to write.
1. Sell all of your possessions and be free.

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