Wednesday, July 19, 2006


random jawbrockery.101.

listening to: Q: Best Of 86/06 (14 classic tracks covered by 14 essential artists)

just watched: Eight Men Out

wikipedia moment: researching the historical accuracy of the HBO series Deadwood [and finding other info HERE].

contemplation: in the wake of the death of a friend from my church - death has been on my mind.

reading: Ecclesiastes

further contemplation: everything is meaninless

signs and wonders: watching a child enjoy the summer sun, playing in the grass, stomping on weeds and swimming in the pool.

thinking about: buzzing my hair

enjoying: afternoon cat-naps

game of choice: EA Sports NFL Head Coach (pretending to be Bill Cowher)

if i had more time: i'd learn the ins and outs of my new Mac.

mindless confabulation: about what it's like to live in Ohio during the month of July.

reflection: the past 6 weeks entailing an extended weekend away, the firing of two co-workers, time spent @ annual conference for the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, my week at the CYF youth camp, figuring out what to do with the vision God has laid before me, giving thanks for a wonderful week long mission trip to Sandusky and surrounding parts.

wishing: upon a star

hoping: to learn what it means to be on a budget

dreaming: of vacation

still dreaming: of more vacation

loving: my wife - cuz she is hot.

procrastinating: because it's a lost art.


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