Friday, September 15, 2006

THE 10: things i've learned this week

10. there is never enough time in a day to do the things one would like to do.
9. the crib seems no longer suitable in the eyes of my 15 month old daughter. if she could speak in full sentences - i am quite certain she would tell us that she would rather have a queen sized bed.
8. my friend Bryan is a whimsical genius of dry humor. one can only hope Costa Rica will understand.
7. sometimes words seem like they should have an 's' instead of a 'c'. i've given up caring which should be which. is it sentense or sentence? defence or defense?
6. Grey's Anatomy is addicting. We rented season 1 from the library after my wife decided Sunday nite that we were gonna start watching said show this season. we watched all 9 episodes in 2 days... she's gonna get season 2 today... so we have to watch 27 episodes before next Thursday @ 9pm.
5. Joining the YMCA is a good thing for me, us, you, pedro.
4. it can be quite a fearful thing to try out a new piece of equipment in the fitness room at the Y... especially with other people in the room. Thankfully - the treadmill was nice to me... except at the beginning - i chose to do a Cardio workout and it wouldn't let me get my heart rate above 118.... therefore limiting me to a brisk walking pace. it must have thought i was a 90 year old man or something. after about 5 minutes i figured out how to manually use the machine. i ran 2 miles... felt good... but it was weird getting off the thing. i guess your supposed to press STOP... not just jump off... (i kid, i kid).
3. with Micah starting pre-school this week combined with our new membership at ye ole YMCA - it is certain that we are going to have to meet new people. it is so much easier to just say 'Hi' and look at the ground.
2. addendum: it is certain that i will also be forced to see people i went to High School with... oh how the awkward stages of adolescence is flooding back into my soul. i hope i don't get picked last for dodge ball.
1. the ashamed feeling is starting to go away. i purchased my first pair of non-Adidas athletic shoes in 16 years. the guilt is fading... only because my new Nike Air Plus shoes are so comfortable to run in... Thankfully only the Treadmill will even know that i have abandoned my passion of only wearing Adidas shoes forever. No one else will ever know... shhh... don't tell.


Jen said...

LOL. Thanks for a laugh this morning Mr. Beck :)
I challenge you to a run at eh say 11:30 ;)

Bryan & Robin Kandel said...

yea, once you learn how much better Nike is, you'll never go back!! and apparently my husband has been using ME as his chosen topic of humor lately . . hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about that!