Thursday, February 21, 2008

on the way to Revolution

4 degrees. that's what the digital thermometer read in the car this morning.
the grass was crisp. the sun, peering through the chilled, barren trees shone beams of cold across the land.
the frozen moon was in its last fading moments before disappearance.
hats and mittens and moisture emitted from the mouths of youth mixes with the cold forming temporary clouds of white, frost-like vapor.
minds racing with ideas and desires. conversations about this and that and all that comes in-between.
running inside, out of the chill and into the florescent warmth.
the cold is forgotten - at least for the moment. but there is still a cold inside. and so many have gotten used to covering themselves. they are young - but not too young to want the warmth of the sun... even if they don't realize that they truly need the warmth of the Son.

On the way to Revolution*. a gathering for those who desire God's warmth... or at least a desire for something more.

*thoughts collected while attending the weekly Bible study that meets Thursday mornings at in the middle school gym...

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