Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paris Je T'aime

well i have to thank my sister for giving me a gift subscription to Netflix for christmas. our third Netflix film (after Away From Her * and Somersault **) arrived yesterday and we watched it last night.

Paris Je T'Aime is a creative idea for a movie in and of itself. it features 18 5 minutes vignettes directed by 18 acclaimed directors and featuring an ensemble cast of well known domestic and foreign actors. Each vignette takes place in a different part of Paris and in small ways, each short is connected to the others.

Paris Je T'Aime (Paris, I Love You) is basically a movie about love... our longing for love, the chasing after, childhood innocence, passion for deep connections with others, dealing with love and loss, circumstantial love, the love of pain (and vice versa), love through sacrifice, and just plain joy brought about by a genuine love of love. This movie is resonating with me so much. I think in the end I realized how connected everything is. After all it's the hope of love that is ingrained in our very being (a gift from God, accepted and rejected) and that hope connects us all. We all want it, search for it endlessly and always mange to muff it up in the process - but it is that pursuit that keeps us alive. when we lose that desire to pursue love - life, i believe, is lost.

Patis Je T'Aime (website, trailer) is a wonderfly beautiful film... pleasing to the eyes, ears, heart and mind. It also features a nice soundtrack and a wonderful closing song by Feist (in which i found an mp3 download here). As the trailer says, fall in love again 18 times...

There was truly only one of the 18 that i didn't really like (Porte de Choisy: about a hair product sailsman trying to sell to a beauty salon in Chinatown)- and even that one was visually stimulating, i just didn't get it. It's hard for me to pick a favorite segment... but Tuileries directed by the Coen brothers and starring Steve Buscemi was a highlight... as was Bastille and Parc Monceau filmed entirely in one continuous shot.

See this movie. See the different faces of love. let your heart be filled with joy... again and again.

(further reading: review... wiki... but honestly - just see it first - then read more about it.)

*Away from Her (3 out of 5 stars... great beginning... then... meh)
** Somersault (4.5 out of 5 stars... this Aussie film has gotten better in my mind as i've thought more about it and discovered truths found within)

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