Thursday, March 27, 2008

even as i sit here

at this very moment, the only sounds surrounding me are the not so smooth strokes of my fingers on the keyboard and the climate-controlled air being blown out of the vent above my desk. i can't help but think how God is in this time of silence. i rather enjoy it.

this morning, while walking over across the parking lot, the smell of a skunks ripe scent clashed with the cool air of the morning. the crows cried out to the world from atop their perch. the sun wished itself upon us - but the clouds were surrounding it as if to smother it.

earlier, upon my undesired rise (for i wished to remain in a restful bliss for a bit longer) i prepared myself and attended to my typical thursday morning functions at the middle school. i arrived just after lights first appearance in the day sky above. a morning Bible study with teachers, students and youth pastors was in full swing. the discussion dealt with the company you keep. unfortunate as it was, nae a few of my youth heard the words of truth. for the company they keep, it seems kept them away from the meat of the Word this morning.

contemplation of commitment and contentment race through my mind.
peacefulness of mornings like this are ruined in the lives of the content.
even the crow is committed to his calling... if he weren't he'd perish.

i didn't want to wake up, but i'm glad i did.
so many others are hitting snooze.

am i not awake enough so that others might desire that which brings me life? why do they not want my caffeine? some are very selective... they arise when it's convenient. not the sun. not the crow. not the air, or the electric which lights my room.

even as i sit here i can't help but ask God for inner peace to spread - and may i be that vessel of peace that continues to bring Good news.

i don't really know why i am writing this.


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