Thursday, February 25, 2010

lenten 40: day 8 - immaculate heart

image 8.

O sacred head, surrounded
By crown of piercing thorn
O bleeding head, so wounded
Reviled and put to scorn

Our sins have marred the glory
Of thy most holy face
Yet angel hosts adore thee
And tremble as they gaze

The Lord of every nation
Was hung upon a tree
His death was our salvation
Our sins, his agony

O Jesus, by thy passion
Thy life in us increase
Thy death for us did fashion
Our pardon and our peace

love is manifest in Christ Jesus. We love because he first loved us. His words are love. His actions were love. How can we not be compelled to reciprocate such love? are you compelled to love God and love people? 'tis the greatest of all commandments.

but it's hard to love, you say. yes it is. especially those we deem 'unlovable.' but no one is unworthy of love. we have been showered by His grace - thus not getting what we deserve (i.e. death because of sin). We receive grace. the gift of God. life! love!

love wins. it brings hope. warmth. passion. inspiration. truth. action. true love never fails.

if we allow our hearts to be split open, so that all that consumes us - chaos, stress, pressure, failure, etc. - can be spilled out, our then empty hearts can be fully filled with the power and love of Jesus - through the Holy Spirit.

it is because of love that Jesus placed himself on the alter - as a living sacrifice for our transgressions. it is because of love that he endured the pain and agony of death. it is because of love that he didn't stay dead in the grave. no. he rose again. and during this time of lent, may we pause daily to reflect and remember that great sacrifice. may we not forget that he didn't stay dead - but conquered death. because love wins!

now go - and share the story of love with others. believe it. live it.

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