Saturday, March 06, 2010

lenten 40: day 16 - give it away

image 16.


The human heart, I believe, is capable of several types of emotions. Money provides a more physical, tangible one but being close to someone who is always on your mind, someone you can trust and be loved by, I think, is a totally distinct emotion for the former . Thus, to dismiss their feelings is, at best, callous and careless.

Finding someone who appreciates and cherished you as much as you do him is not easy, if at all possible. A combination of self and chance that ensures such bliss is hard to come by. The emotional anguish that one feels is very real.

The world collapses around you and the word "love" becomes another word in the dictionary. I am not advocating a life of indulgent self-pity but I think that the feelings of the young must be recognised.

I believe that in a world where domestic abuse, divorces and one-million-dollar settlements have become so common, it is all the more pertinent that we give some merit and consideration to the angst of the teenager, lest it manifests itself in some monstrous fashion.

~ Paul Tan

love is more than a word. perhaps the use of the word in so many misconstrued ways has brought about an absence of understanding of what 'love' really is. words can only, truly go so far. it's action that gives words meaning. how are you misusing the word 'love'? how might we all be guilty of using the word 'love' callously - without action or meaning behind it?


18Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

~! John 3:18

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