Saturday, August 21, 2010

the violent soul vs. ______________

violence. it's prevalent. it's inconsistent. it's intertwined in to the very core of our culture.

what causes this violence? from where does it fester? what are we to do? can we escape?

Before we protest about the terrible violence we see in our cities and across the world, we must withdraw to some third place, away... and reflect on the violence within each of us and the violence inherent in the systems we inhabit.
~Kester Brewin (quoting Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek)
self reflection. to become conscious of our 'selves.' to better understand who we are. to become more responsible.*

when we retreat and reflect - what violence, do we observe, is within us? where does it come from? what is the root?

do you ever find yourself easily angered? no apparent reason as to why?

is it possible that more time spent in self reflection could actually become a form of release of the violence that is within us? could it be that rest and reflection is a key to a part of our life that is locked up? could it be that freedom of self could be a freedom from self? a freedom from the all hate, violence, anger, frustration and pain?

man needs quiet. needs rest. how would life be different for one and all across this globe if we were still? stillness brings contentment. if we were/are content - would we harbor anger? be violent? allow hate to over come?

*from Brewin's book Other.

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