Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MAKER MOMENT: Dayvan Cowboy

one of my favorite music videos of all time. it shows how sound and image, when edited together, can be a beautiful blending of creativity and art. the two (the music and film) become one.

creativity is one of God's blessed gifts to mankind.

[Dayvan Video wiki]


Jen said...

I like the song but the video is very low quality. I guess overall the video/ song fit together but it was hard to tell through the low production quality.

Tim said...

it's not the quality of the video that makes it special... it's the way it's put together. the free fall archival footage is of Joseph Kittinger - who fell 19.5 miles at speeds over 600 mph in an Army/Air Force experiment.

the footage of Kittinger descending into the ocean is followed up with footage of surfer Laird Hamilton ascending out of the ocean and then riding massive waves.

both are magnificent.

the juxtaposed free fall and ascension is neat, also.

the low quality is because it's archival footage from 1959.