Friday, September 03, 2010

the lost journal entries: question about worship

i've collected and filled (some partial, some entirely) a handful of journals over the years. most of the journals are used for brainstorming. lately, i've been looking through some of them. i figured i'd take a picture of some entries and then blog about it.

[from Nov. 18, 2006; general session three of National Youth Workers Convention in Cincinnati]

"When I close my eyes, the worship is like a musical." ~ Jen Beck

what prevents worship (at other times) from being dramatic? does worship need to be dramatic? no. but when worship is compelling to us - might it also be compelling to God?

The real dichotomy is this: does worship then become more about me and less about God?

i don't think that this morning's worship is self seeking. it is real and honest and difficult and like a painted picture that tells a story. the story is Jesus Christ. May he be glorified.

Ubi Caritas et Amor ~ Charity in Love


So many different styles of worship. the "new" ways seem hard to grasp for many. are they that "new"? Why is worship such a struggle? is it possible to have a community of worshipers without boundaries or traditions or things that bind? things that hold us back?

where many gather, can there be silence?

the struggle within me is finding a place to create worship for self, others, young & old, youth, teenagers, etc... to gather and worship in ways beyond our current Sunday morning tradition. not that i desire to throw out traditions...i think traditions have value beyond what we even understand.

but some traditions or experiences have been forgotten. Acts 2?

God is with us. now. forever. do we recognize?

I need to be shown ways that God is with me. How he speaks to me. old ways are not bad ways. yet i feel compelled to think outside the box.

Psalm 21.

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