Thursday, February 03, 2011

lost journal entry: rooted in love

[journal entry from january 2010 - some of which was inspired while reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan]

(left side) holy spirit.
help me to see you. understand you. feel you. be empowered by you. pray to you. recognize you. remember you. love you. invite you. long for you. realize you.

the Holy Spirit: a gift from God.

(right side) rooted in love.
analogy of the H.S.
before the Holy Spirit, the ground is dirty, full of sludge. the Holy Spirit rains down and infiltrates the soil.
mixes with our waste, our manure.
the rain brings regeneration... fueling an unstoppable life force.
takes the tree from 'mere existence' to 'true, full life'.
new life is the result. (john 3:5-8)
("you can't change the fruit without changing the root")

underneath the surface, the roots 'drink up' and the Spirit flows.
as a result, the Spirit flows through - gives new life to the tree and brings green leaves.
what once just existed - is now living in color.
the Spirit gives life. (John 6:63)
the Spirit flows, mixes with the roots, flows into and mixes with the life blood; the heart.

the heart filters the Spirit of God through our roots (veins) which leads to an outward sign of life (green leaves/pure joy); an outward sign of Love.

[this journal entry inspired me to create the following video. the image i drew was inspired by a painting by Paige Medlock titled 'open heart surgery']

description of the above film
(so called) artist::tim beck
time lapse photographer::jen beck

this was our 1st attempt @ any sort of time lapse photography.
used Canon 7D - bulb 25 - 100 iso (i think)

we had some trouble with over-exposure - but this was our 1st attempt.

drawing was inspired and based on the painting 'open heart surgery' by paige medlock

i titled this 'Rooted in love'.
symbolism: where we are planted depends on what kind of fruit we will produce.
the holy spirit rains down upon us... giving life to our tree of life. the roots connect to the heart. the holy spirit's power, comfort and guidance infiltrates the roots or veins that go to the heart. the heart then pumps out a life blood that produces productive, vital, "life-to-the-full" fruit.

that fruit is love - and it can't help but manifest itself in us. the Holy Spirit pumps the love of Christ through our veins and gives us the ability to love God and love people.

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