Monday, January 31, 2011

lost journal entry: bleeding roots.

i've collected and filled (some partial, some entirely) a handful of journals over the years. most of the journals are used for brainstorming. lately, i've been looking through some of them. i figured i'd scan in and upload some entries and then blog about it.

bleeding roots.
[journal entry from july 11, 2009 while at the DCLA event in Washington]

the sun gives life to the seed that is planted.
the seed takes root.
once rooted, a new source brings growth.
the roots are watered - which brings growth.
the water is blood-like for the tree.
it is the nutrition that it needs to thrive and produce fruit.
the blood saturates the soil - giving life to all things...
making dead things alive again.

light gives us life - shows us where true life takes place (deep within the soul). the light is of God - His Holy Spirit showing us the way to true life.
once seeds of faith are planted true growth only happens when one realizes and embraces the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross. His blood drips down the roots of our soul - infiltrating our entire state of being. it is at that point when our dead-to-sin-hearts are given new life.
that new life then allows our faith to grow and eventually bear fruit - which is the evidence of the faith (in Jesus) that anchors us - deep down within the roots of our soul. we may bend and sway from time to time - but our lifeblood is rooted in Christ - giving us a strong, firm foundation.

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