Monday, January 03, 2011

Best of 2010

best albums of the year: 2010. i don't buy as much music as i used to - and most of my music these days is purchased as MP3's rather than CD's. but below is a list of some albums that struck my fancy this past year.

Ellem - Inside Still Beats
the kind of jovial indie-pop music that finds its way into a Volkswagen or Gap commercial. chewy goodness.

Twin Tigers - Gray Waves
this music is a hot mess. i don't know if it's anywhere near 'best of' quality - but i did write a review of the album back in May for Circle Six Magazine...

Phantogram - Eyelid Movies
catchy electro-rock with mixed male/female vocalists.

Broken Bells - s/t
any Danger Mouse collaboration is worth your time.

Carney - Mr. Green vol. 1
wow is this eclectic album... at times Queen... at times Black Crowes... and Zeppelin, too. vocals similar to Jeff Buckley. Testify sounds a lot like Whole Lotta Love.

Röyksopp - Senior
i've always been a sucker for instrumental electronic synth music.

Four Tet - There is Love in You
Kieran Hebden's post-electro-rock project. Circling is one of my fav. songs of the year.

Derek Webb - Feedback
an instrumental album based on The Lord's Prayer. this album grows on me with every listen.

Laura Veirs - July Flame
singer song writer with backing harmonies that reminds me of the Fleet Foxes. very simplistic. very enjoyable. one of my favorite finds of 2010.

Decoder Ring - They Blind the Stars, and the Wild Team
i've been a fan of this group since they did the soundtrack to the film Somersault. from Australia, Decoder Ring left their vocals behind on this album but the nearly 100 minutes does not disappoint.

Vampire Weekend - Contra

i avoided this album on purpose - mainly because of all the hype... but then, with iTunes gift cards to spend, i decided to sample Contra. What's not to like? Catchy hooks with a unique sound.

North Atlantic Oscillation - Grappling Hooks
another surprise find on iTunes and their sound is just that - surprising. described as post-progressive electronica rock, there's something new around ever corner, it seems. somewhat similar to a harder, edgier Engineers. reigning from Scotland with 'hazy vocals' and a big layered sound, NAO satisfies. Hollywood Has Ended hooked me.

Underworld - Barking
i've always been an Underworld fan - going back to the Pearl's Girl and Born Slippy days (thank you Trainspotting.) Barking was my first Underworld purchase since 100 Days Off - and although the sound of Scribble (track 3 from Barking) at first seemed to poppy for my taste - i realized that i couldn't stop listening to it. I'll be honest, i can't stop listening to this album. Always Loved Film is the best track.

Linkin Park - a Thousand Suns
start to finish, this is one fine concept album. everything flows together perfectly. most of the tracks might not be radio friendly, but who cares. i feel like this is the most creative album of the year and thus - i am listing it as my top album of 2010. for a track by track review of A Thousand Suns click here.

here is a recap of top albums from years past:

My Top Albums:

also this year - i read a record-high 43 books. i'm most proud of this accomplishment since a few years back the only reading i partook in was Sports Illustrated. I rather enjoy reading now. to see my list of books read in 2010 click on my GoodReads page.

My Favorites include The Year of Living Biblically, Cracking the Code, Sabbath and Other.

I (we) watched 164 movies in 2010. i started keeping a movie log in 2007. i plan on doing a better job of that in 2011 - with more online logs and mini-reviews.

fav. movies from 2010: Toy Story 3, The Secrets in Their Eyes, the 30 for 30 documentary series on ESPN


troy. said...

In re MUSIC -- interesting list. I'm faintly familiar w/ some of these artists, but others are completely new to me. None of which I've listened to at all this past year (except Webb). It amazes me, the breadth there is in music these days. I'll have to check out a few of the singles you mention!

Tim said...

i forgot Phantogram and Junip. had i purchased Junip's album last year - it might have been at the top of the list.