Monday, January 17, 2011

This is America? (Sarah Palin, Battle Hymns and Guns Ablazin)

America is addicted to guns. the more powerful, the better. the larger the magazine the better. the more automatic, the better.

how anyone can logically justify a need of any sort of assault weapon is beyond me. i don't think it can be done. what is even more amazing is that some Republicans have stated they wish more people would carry concealed weapons so as to somehow step in and 'take out' a lunatic killer.

what do they want? the old west back? it's a fantasy - that, perhaps, some civilian will step in and kill a killer... heaven forbid one to suggest that more terror would come if more people carried guns.

our country's infatuation with guns is astounding. just because the 2nd Amendment gives us the right - doesn't make it right (or even a necessity).

what's even more astounding is that some politicians (mainly on the right) have neglected to take responsibility and/or apologize for their past 'gun-related rhetoric.' apologizing for poor choice of words does not mean you are responsible for what took place in Arizona - but it would show the country that you are capable of acknowledging a misstep. what a lesson that would be to the children and youth of our country.

And now for something completely different:

Lord help us all...

(you've got to love the open Bible just below the pulpit... who should Christians worship? political leaders first - God, second... apparently?)

one last thought: today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. a day in which i hope we have all been reminded of the unifying power of non-violence and peace. peace brings unity - not force.

it is also a day to remember where our great country once was. it wasn't that long ago when segregation and (of all things) unity was considered to be communist. remember?

i pray for peace. i pray for unity. i pray for action - without rhetoric... without hate speech. if we really want the country to come together it's going to take a revolution - but not a revolution in which some 'take back America' or 'Reload', 'not with ballets, with bullets.' it will be a revolution of love.

love is what we need. both sides. love. but that might mean thinking before speaking... that will be the biggest challenge in today's 24/7 news world.

just my 2 cents.

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