Monday, April 18, 2011

(lent) 6


the name of Blossom's best friend on the late 80's early 90's tv sitcom Blossom.

number of strings on a standard guitar.

number of basic holes or keys on most woodwind instruments.

Flags. an American theme park chain.

Degrees of Separation - refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away from any other person on Earth.

Degrees of Kevin Bacon, a trivia game in which a player tries to connect any one actor to Kevin Bacon within six steps. It rests on the assumption that any individual can be linked through his or her film roles to actor Kevin Bacon within six steps.

days at the bottom of the ocean. a powerful song by instrumental post-rock band Explosions in the Sky from Texas, U.S.A. the song was written about the Kursk tragedy, a Russian submarine that sunk to the bottom of the sea after a dummy torpedo misfired due to a hydrogen peroxide leak. The submarine spent six days at the bottom before rescuers arrived, delayed by Russian refusal of help. Twenty-three men survived the two blasts but the delayed rescue took away any slim chance they had at survival.
you can listen to the moving song here.

number of points awarded for scoring a touchdown in football.

'the original six' refers to the oldest remaining teams in the NHL: Toronto, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Detroit and Boston.

number of fingers on the characters on the Simpsons. three fingers on each hand (plsu one thumb on each)

number of dots on a Braille cell.

Days of creation.

Day 1: The heavens, the earth, light and darkness.

Day 2: Heaven

Day 3: Dry land, the seas, and vegetation.

Day 4: The sun, the moon and the stars.

Day 5: Living creatures in the water, birds in the air.

Day 6: Land animals and people.

The number of symbolic foods of the Passover Seder meal.

it was six days before the passover meal that Jesus reclined with the newly raised-from-the-dead Lazarus and his sisters, Mary and Martha and the disciples. In John 12, we see an example of high honor as Mary anointed Jesus with expensive perfume. Judas Iscariot takes issue with this, thinking the perfume could be sold and the money given to the poor.
But Jesus recognizes the importance of Mary's sacrifice and honor. I've always looked at this as Jesus showing that our relationship with Him trumps everything. our love for Him should be our number one priority.
it is then from that love for Him that we are compelled to be like Him... serving, sharing the Gospel, loving others and believing.
what makes this extra special is the symbolism that in six days he'd be facing his ultimate challenge - the Cross. Mary's choice to anoint him most honorable and respectable.

how can we honor Jesus today?

do we recognize that rescue is coming? do we realize that hope can be found?

we can't make it alone...

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