Saturday, December 02, 2006

note to self

why is it that emergencies always happen on the weekend.
chalk this one up in the stupidity department.

it all started nearly 2 years ago on my birthday. I chiped a wisdom tooth on a crouton of all things. well over the past 22 months, said wisdom tooth has been in the slow process of decaying away. yeah, gross.

last week, the night before Thanksgiving, said tooth sent sharp, pulsating pain up and down the left side of my jaw. I woke up the next morn to no such pain.

then, 2 days ago, while watching Grey's Anatomy said tooth again sent pulsating pain from ear to chin. I just thought ye ole tooth was updet that Dr. Burke and Dr. Yang weren't going to be punished for their err in judgement. i woke up Friday morning to no pain, so i proceeded on with my day - with intentions to call Dr. Sales. I went out of town for a meeting in Wooster. By the time i returned - it was after 4pm... i called and the office was closed. no biggie... i wasn't feeling any pain.

and thus you know what happened next - almost immidiately the pain returned and i swear the tooth in question has moved - to the point that i really can't put my teeth together - top and bottom - on the left side of my mouth.

i was able to get to sleep last nite - but am still in a lot of pain. fun fun. now i am plotting my next move. and of course - it's a weekend.

oh well. i swear some of these things happen to me only so that i will have an interesting story to tell to my grandkids about the importance of flossing.

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