Wednesday, September 19, 2007

out of nothing

the beauty of music is that a song, any song can mean a hundred different things to a hundred different people. and although it may not be the intent of the artist a song can speak to any of us in ways that artist couldn't have imagined.

to me, the YOU in this song is temptation. the I'LL SAY GOODBYE is me overcoming it all.


Out of nothing you came to my arms and you're right
I fell every time
You're the first and the last time that I'll ever try
So dry your eyes, I'll say goodbye, I say goodbye...

I'm left hanging like all dancing bears
I need rope to keep me in line
I can't stop them, there's more bombshells coming
I choke
More words, more lies
I'll say goodbye, I'll say goodbye...

I can't believe its come to this
Banging on a sinking ship, hoping someone hears my list
For every trial I take a fall, you never notice it no more
What we had won't conquer all
While the shots still ringing out
You do the worst to bring me down
You do the worst to take me out
I'll say goodbye, I'll say goodbye...

Embrace - Out of Nothing [sound bytes]

YouTube video of the songs dramatic conclusion (live @ Leads)

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