Sunday, September 30, 2007

giving in

the month of september has brought some minor changes to our lifestyle. #1, jen and i started using the YMCA more than we have since last winter (almost daily). We've also both been running a lot... training for a 5k on Oct. 20th. in September I ran about 30 miles... and i hope to see that pattern continuing in future months.

we've also started eating better - avoiding fast food all together, eating healthier meals at home and avoiding unnecesary late night snacking. well, this weekend - we had to do some traveling - which forced us to eat two meals at fast food restaurants... and then tonite - i gave in after Youth Group and had to have some Taco Bell... giving in... not good. my body didn't want it, but my mind just kept repeating: taco, burrito (what's coming out of your speedo?) somehow - my mind won that battle of the wills.

i hope this week gets me back on track. that is the plan.

self control is hard. discipline is a challenge...
what would discipline be if it weren't difficult? what would be the point...

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