Thursday, October 04, 2007

75 Minutes

i loath it.
loading the pop machine.
hate it.
despise it.
no like it.

but i gotta do it. 'bout once a month... if i'm keeping it full.
the youth group has a pop machine... sort of a fundraiser for us... we usually can make about .20 - .25 cents per can. we sell the pop for .50 cents. not in it to rip people off so we keep it cheap.

so in order to keep it filled i gotta do the following:
1. watch the sale ads for our local grocery chain (Giant Eagle)
2. go down to said store and buy the pop (or soda for you easterners).
3. since they usually limit the amount of pop you can buy, return to said grocery store and/or take your wife to the grocery store and buy more pop.
4. repeat step 2 & 3 as needed.
5. load pop into van.
6. unload pop out of van.
7. carry pop down the long hall, up the stairs (either two 24-packs or four 12-packs at a time) to the pop machine. our church doesn't have an elevator... so tough luck to any handicapped people (or those who have to carry 10-20 cases of pop upstairs... not that my plight is more challenging than someone who might be handicapped. to think so would be selfish and stupid. right? right.)
8. unlock pop machine - empty money and begin to load pop machine.
9. take cardboard from the pop boxes and dispose of properly.
10. cycle quarters through machine, making sure that each of the six flavors of pop (Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Minute Made Lemonade Light, Sierra Mist) vend properly.
11. inevitably there will be either a leak or a spraying of some sort of pop. clean up pop-like syrup from leaky can.
12. figure out which type of pop is leaking.
13. cycle through that brand of pop until you find the can with the crack, leak or hole. dispose of that can and re-reload that brand of pop again.
14. 75 minutes later, sit down and enjoy complimentary can of pop.

I am ready to call the Pepsi man and have them put in one of their machines... we'll make less money - but hey - I wouldn't complain.

p.s. why did i blog this? i don't know... but then again, it's not like i blogged about THIS (bryan!1!11!)

love peace chicken grease


Jen said...

wow- too much time on your hands... I think that the pop loading should take a bit longer ;)

Bryan said...

Consider this equation:

pop cases in fridge + change cup + honor system = Happy Tim

And yes, you can use those pics, but I expect royalties.

And and . . . did you watch the Office tonight? The car in the river part was eerily similar to your explanation of the UPS truck. Does tivo let you watch programs in advance?

troy. said...


As a non-youth pastor, I was about to say, "Why don't you send the kids to get the soda (easterner here)." But then I decided not to say that after it dawned on me that that would add more steps and further complicate the process.


Tim said...

troy - i used to have youth have more of a roll in loading the pop machine... inevitably more cans would be punctured, jammed or loaded in the wrong slot.

fun times!

Nolan said...

it's soda, not pop!

btw, i added you to my blogroll.