Thursday, October 25, 2007

Into the Wild

I recently read Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer in record time... it took me about a week. I am a very slow reader - so this was a big accomplishment. The book made me want to go see the movie, and thus last weekend, Jen and I went. I thoroughly enjoyed both. Oh, in the mean time, I picked up the soundtrack, by Eddie Vedder. Also a nice piece of work.

So for the past month (since reading the book), I've been infatuated with the story of Christopher McCandless. I've googled everything there is to know about him and his journey. I've read all the articles and things related to him and about how he wound up in Alaska.

Over at Circle Six Magazine, i wrote a review of the book, movie and soundtrack. Check it out. Let me know what you think. You can read the article HERE. It's a fascinating story, and I think, if you are willing, it just might captivate you. I'd love to have dialogue about the book. I could tell you more about McCandless and his story - but I'd give too much away. Check out the book. Read my review. And then we'll talk about it. If you please.

Check out the official movie web site as well.


troy. said...

Did you read the excellent article in National Geographic Adventure? Great perspective from a friend of Krakauer. I was gonna mail it to you, but they have the entire article online. Check it!

Question: Given that I know the story, should I read the book before seeing the movie?

Tim said...

i don't think it will matter much if you read the book before or after the movie... but the book was more gripping for me.

i probably enjoyed the movie more because i had read the book... my wife liked the movie - but not as much as me... i enjoyed comparing the two while watching the film.

not meant to give away any SPOILER - but the book spends some time with what happened after his tragic death.

Tony said...

I watched "Into The Wild" last night. I just happened to see it on the shelf and was reminded of this blog so I thought, "what the heck". I absolutely loved it and I'm left asking the question, "If I know I'll never go to those extreme, is it possilbe to find that kind of fullfillment elsewhere?"

I yearn.