Saturday, October 06, 2007

restless souls of youth: enjoy Superman?

A few weeks ago I watched Superman Returns for the first time... didn't really have a desire to see it - but i really enjoyed it... i think i enjoyed it so much because it brought back memories of my father and i going to see Superman: the movie and Superman II in this theatre nicknamed the 'rat palace'* in Mt Gilead, Ohio back in the day. Returns wasn't up to the same par as Batman Begins, and it had a ton of plot holes - but in my mind, that was forgiven. i look forward now to Man of Steel in 2009.

funny thing, my 4 year old and 2 year old loved Superman Returns. that compelled me to pick up this: Super Friends - The Legendary Super Powers Show. Anybody remember that cartoon from the 70's + 80's? now we are all enjoying that.

I've now discovered Superman: The Animated Series on ToonDisney and have DVR'd a few of those now. The first episode is much like Superman: The Movie... with Superman as a baby on Krypton... before it explodes... and he is then sent to earth. Addison (my 2 year old) loved watching 'baby Superman'. It brings me pure joy to watch them enjoy something that was a big part of my childhood as well. I think it's time to introduce them to Star Wars next.

*ironically, my first ever date was at that same 'rat palace' in Mt. Gilead... her name was Jenny Shroyer... I was 11. We went to see Supergirl.

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