Friday, May 23, 2008


(disclaimer: this post has no meaning or value)

  • number of cases of pop purchased at Giant Eagle (grocery store) for our church/youth group pop machine
  • amount of minutes it took to unload said pop from van - to cart - to stairs.
  • total pounds of 4 cases of pop carried up the 20 stairs to the pop machine on the second floor (2 in each hand) for a total of 10 times
  • amount of total pounds, times 10 for a grand total of 400 pounds of pop carried up to the second floor.
  • number of cans, times 12 for a grand total of 480 cans carried up, loaded or stored.
  • amount of time it took to unjam the pop machine- in which two Diet Pepsi cans had become lodged underneath the arm that signals if a slot is empty or not, causing the little orange light to light up informing all of the parishioners for the past two weeks that the Diet Pepsi slot was empty, in turn causing upset parishioners who apparently can't live without their Diet Pepsi. (lol. i kid, i kid!)
  • addition minutes it took to load the rest of the pop and organize the remaining cases in the pop cupboard.
  • seconds it took me to justify our churches need for an elevator - not for anyone who might be handicapped, mind you - but for all future loadings of said pop machine.
  • the length in minutes, save 3, of the John Reuben CD that played through twice during my ordeal.

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