Sunday, May 18, 2008

start of something new

this weekend i assisted my wife on a wedding photo shoot. she armed me with a second camera and when i wasn't helping her - i snapped some random shots. statues, stained glass, icons as well as the typical celebratory pictures of a wedding and the feast that follows.

during the hour long ceremony (it was a catholic wedding) my mind began to think about the beauty of what was taking place.

After the wedding, we went to a park to shoot some outdoor photos of the wedding party. some had had a bit to drink - so the celebration was in full swing before the reception had even started. but they were celebrating. there was joy in their eyes. i could see it. lots of big smiles and playful spirits.

i thought about Jesus and the wedding at Cana. the festivities had probably been going on for quite some time. if i remember correctly, weddings, in those days, lasted for up to a week. can you imagine what kind of celebration it must have been? and when the wine was gone - it would have been a big deal. you can understand why Mary, the mother of Jesus, goes to Him - asking him to do something about it. Jesus performs his first miracle, changes water into wine and the rest is history. the master of the banquet responded by saying "Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now."

You have saved the best till now.

it was the start of something new... for the bride and groom at Cana - for Jesus, whose public ministry had just begun. something new and exciting was starting.

there is a real, raw beauty in that. Newness. spring time ought to remind us of the beauty of all things new. start fresh. set goals. look to the future. eyes forward. sun shining. best laid plans ahead of us; world is an oyster; take risks and live life.

what new things has Jesus placed before you? maybe it's time to celebrate. clear eyes. full hearts. with joy in your heart. rejoice! the best has been saved for us - claim it and believe it.

when two become one - trust has to be at the core - or the marriage is bound for trouble. you can see the example of trust in Jesus - as he trusted and knew that the wedding at Cana (and the miracle that came with it) would ultimately lead to a unifying of the the bride of Christ (the church, followers & believers) with Christ himself - through his impending sacrifice on the cross.

there is something great and mighty and new in front of us all. i want to wrap my arms around that and discover with joy what it is that God has placed in front of me. may grace guide us and lead us to that mission, whatever it may be, and may Christ be glorified and others bear witness.

for he has saved the best until now.

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troy. said...

I'm up for a fresh start! Really diggin the rosary shots and the stained glass.