Wednesday, December 16, 2009

living a good story

recently - i finished reading Donald Miller's new book - A Million Miles and a Thousand Years. the essence of this book is 'story'. what kind of story are you living, am i living? the book is full of stories, basically, that discuss and look at what it might be like to re-write and edit one's own life story.

one chapter talked about risk and how overcoming risk makes for a great story. the wheels began to spin in my mind: what risks have i taken? what stories are memorable? here are a few things that came to mind... most of which my (or may not) be risky - but they are not what i would think of as normal... so thus maybe, perhaps they are good stories?

  • Exploring and climbing into an abandoned barn - only to realize once inside i couldn't get out.
  • sneaking out of billy's grandparents house by climbing out second story window - trying rope to bed
  • Seeing George Brett play baseball up close and personal.
  • riding around in the trunk of a car all night - returning to campus - only to go back out and drive all night around Lexington, KY with Jay Pope.
  • Midnight impromptu dance party with friends in a field off the highway, as These Are the Days by 10,000 Maniacs played on the car stereo.
  • Driving west and attending film school in Los Angeles.
  • Successfully creating, pitching and producing a tv show.
  • leaping into a new profession as Youth Director.
  • Driving 6 hours to 'see about a girl'... a year and a half later, marrying that girl.
  • My wife and i taking up running.
  • Jen taking me to an Explosions in the Sky concert in ghetto Cleveland
  • Taking the youth group on many trips and adventures: retreats, mission trips and the like.
  • going with my parents on a makeshift family history tour - traveling to Randolph, NY + Crestline, Ohio and many places in between, interviewing people and videotaping the entire event.
  • Family vacations @ Lakeside.
  • Starting our own photography business.
these aren't examples of great stories - but they are just a glimpse of a few of my stories. some were risky... some were not so much. thinking about them compells me to make new ones.

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